Thank you for visiting the Digital 20/20 site. Please note that this project is no longer active and the information contained on this site is now dated. Digital 20/20 championed the digital economy in Yorkshire and Humber. If you would like further information on this project and its legacy, please contact Sero Consulting on email:


Digital 20/20’s Green IT “mini-conference” took place on 18th January 2010 in Leeds. Over 40 people attended the event, which aimed to bring together people from the public sector, education and business who are interested in Green IT issues, to share information and discuss how we could usefully take forward some kind of Green IT network for the region.

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Colin Pattinson, Professor in Mobile and Converging Technologies, Leeds Metropolitan University

What does “Green” really mean?

This session covered:
“The 3 colours of green IT” (being greener with IT, using IT to help you be a greener organisation, recycling and disposal)
Where are we now – the Digital 20/20 report
Seeing through the “greenwash”

Colin Coghill (formerly University of Leeds)
Helen Harrop (Digital 20/20)
Paul O’Donnell (Scientia Group)

Why be Green?

This session looked at the various drivers and how they differ across sectors:
Cutting costs
Corporate social responsibility
Government targets / pressures
Reducing carbon footprint

Peter Hopton (Very PC)
Joss Winn (University of Lincoln)
David Patterson (Learning Light)

How to be Green?

This session explored what people are actually doing now or will need to do:
Skills – now and in the future
Regional expertise
National examples
Cross-sector lessons

Rob Bristow (JISC)
Colin Pattinson (Leeds Met)
Gareth Knight (IBM)

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